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Cleaning of apartments and family houses

Cleaning of apartment buildings

Cleaning of offices and commercial spaces

Carpet and flooring cleaning

About us

Proficlean Service s.r.o. provides complete (professional, high quality) cleaning services in Prague and nearby areas. We offer regular, one-time or general cleaning of apartments, family houses, apartment buildings, offices, commercial buildings and restaurants. We clean windows and window blinds, carpets and upholstery, including many other services based on the client’s needs. We also offer handyman services.

We are a reliable, flexible company, which values an individual approach to each customer. You can book our services anytime.

Thanks to us you can spend your time doing what you love and leave the hussle of cleaning and maintenance to us.

We are one of the few companies which offer high-quality mechanical cleaning of carpets, floors, garages, warehouses, storage areas and more.

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Cleaning services

Household clean

We offer regular cleaning in pre-arranged intervals as well as one-time cleanings and general/spring cleanings e.g. following an event, a reconstruction, wall painting and so on.

Regular and one-off cleaning

We will take care of your household in the requested pre-arranged intervals and times.

This cleaning might include:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Mopping and vacuuming of floors
  • Removing dust
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom and washroom cleaning – including mirrors and tiles
  • Taking out garbage
  • Watering flowers
  • Window cleaning, including sills and blinds
  • Other cleaning and maintenance services of your household

General/deep clean

Complete general deep cleaning (e.g. following a reconstruction, wall painting) of your household, according to your wishes and requests. We will settle on the scope of needed services beforehand and carry out the cleaning fast in the highest quality possible.

Window cleaning – this service can be booked as a part of a more complex clean or on its own


Cleaning with the Kärcher machine

Where there is a need for highly hygienic deep cleaning, we use the Kärcher cleaning machine for hard surfaces and textile floor coverings. The cleaning liquid is inserted under pressure deep into a carpet and then vacuumed out with the dissolved dirt. Grease, dirt and dust can be efficiently and throughoutly removed. this way. The machine cleaner will take care of the in-depth cleanliness reaching the pores and fibers – the ideal solution for those suffering from allergies.

Carpet cleaning
Chair cleaning
Cleaning of sofas
Mattress cleaning

Apartment building cleaning

We carry out cleaning of shared spaces in apartment buildings. Our job is always carried out throughout, reliably and professionally. We put high emphasis on the choice and quality of our employees.

The insurance of our company is granted.

After a personal meeting, we will put together an individual price offer and we are happy to meet any of your needs and requests.

Regular cleaning

We will take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your spaces in pre-arranged intervals, times and scope of services.

This cleaning might include:

  • Sweeping and cleaning of hallways, stairs and vestibules
  • Wiping off mail boxes
  • Wiping off staircase railings
  • Elevator cleaning
  • Cleaning of entrance doors
  • Polishing of windows and mirrors
  • Sweeping in front of the house entrance
  • Cleaning of door mats
  • Winter maintenance of the house entrance

General/deep clean

We offer general cleaning of your spaces as well as the possibility to order a specific individual service.

This cleaning might include:

  • Complete washing of shared spaces
  • Removal of spider webs
  • Cleaning of lighting equipment
  • Cleaning of windows and doors
  • Cleaning of parts of washable walls
  • Machine cleaning of garages

Mechanical cleaning of floors, halls and garages with the Kärcher machine cleaner

Mechanical cleaning of floors, halls and garages with the professional cleaning of garages, warehouses or storage spaces? We will gladly secure these services for you. Our cleaning company is specialized in this kind of cleaning service.
For cleaning we use professional cleaner machines from Kärcher, which are made specifically for such tasks. We use disc machines with planet carrier. The optimal use of this top performing machine will provide a precisely done cleaning of concrete floors. It removes all stains, smears and all kinds of dirt, including rough impurities. We use dry followed by wet cleaning techniques, therefore leaving the floors completely clean.

Warehouse cleaning
Industrial hall cleaning
Garage cleaning
Parking slot cleaning

Cleaning of offices and commercial spaces

We will provide the cleaning of your enterprise, offices or other commercial spaces. We offer regular, one-time or general/deep cleaning.

After a personal meeting, we will put together an individual price offer based on your needs and requirements. With us you are guaranteed a friendly and accommodating yet professional attitude.

Regular and one-off cleaning

We will take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your spaces in pre-arranged intervals, times and scope of services.

This cleaning might include:

  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Floor mopping
  • Wiping off dust
  • Kitchen cleaning – dish washing and putting away dishes
  • Bathroom and washroom cleaning – re-stocking of supplies
  • Taking out garbage
  • Watering flowers
  • Other services

General/deep clean

We offer general cleaning of your spaces as well as the possibility to order an individual service.

This cleaning might include:

  • Window cleaning, including sills and blinds
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Complete kitchen cleaning
  • Complete cleaning after a reconstruction or house painting
  • Other required services
  • Mechanical cleaning


Do you need to change a lightbulb or fix a broken tile? Are you helpless with the new ready-to-assemble furniture? Or are you just too busy to take care of such things? We are here for you! Handyman Praha can help with all common repairs and small household reconstructions. We can manage a broad array of handiwork that you might not be confident enough to do yourself. We are happy to help – call a professional, who is fast, capable and affordable. See the proof of our abilities yourself. We only use the best quality tools.

  • Precise price estimation
  • Speed
  • Professional attitude
  • Guarantee of a job well-done
  • We don’t offer erotic services
  • We don’t do laundry
  • We don’t wash dishes
  • We don’t work as escorts

The cleaning went according to my expectations. Quick and friendly attitude. I can highly recommend.
- Jana Brandejsová


After a long search and trying at least 3 different cleaning agencies I am very happy to have found this company ...
- Stastiva


Absolutely satisfied with the service. An easy to navigate website. Amazing attitude and approach. Will recommend to others!
- Vladimír Pastorek

Price list

Cleaning (for 60mins)

Regular cleaningOne-off cleaningGeneral cleaning
190 Kč220 Kč250 Kč

Window washing / Ironing (for 60mins)

Window washing / ironingWindow washing + blinds and heating
220 Kč250 Kč

Apartment buildings (for 60mins)

Regular cleaningGeneral cleaning
190 Kč250 Kč

A minimal enquiry is 3 hours

Carpet cleaning (za Kč/m2)

25 Kč/m2

Mattress cleaning (both sides) (price per piece)

Mattress size 90x200 cmMattress size 180x200 cm
250 Kč350 Kč

Upholstery cleaning (price per piece)

ChairChairChairCorner bench
With upholstered seatWith upholstered seat and arm restsOffice chairWith upholstered seat and arm rests (3-4seats)
40 Kč60 Kč70 Kč300 Kč

Cleaning of sofas (based on type)

Čištění sedaček

Type AType BType CType DType E,FType GType H
180 Kč280 Kč380 Kč480 Kč580 Kč680 Kč780 Kč
100 Kč70 Kč50 Kč

Transportation in Prague - 150 Kč, outside of Prague - based on agreement

Mechanical cleaning of industry halls and garages (for m2)

Regular cleaningOne-off cleaningGeneral cleaning
4 Kč/m24,50 Kč/m25,50 Kč/m2

Mechanical cleaning of floors and hallways (for m2)

Regular cleaningGeneral cleaning
22 Kč/m225 Kč/m2

Cleaning supplies are included in the price.

  • Transportation in Prague 250,- Kč (outside of Prague based on agreement)
  • Prices can be higher based on the difficulty of a task!

Handyman (for 60mins)

Hour rateTransportation in PragueOutside of Prague
450 Kč150 KčOn agreement

Cleaning supplies are not included in the price but in the case of your interest we can provide and deliver them.

Surcharges 10% for weekends and public holidays.

Minimal enquiry 3 hours. Paid by the start of every 30 minutes.


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